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Mike Vick Says Bin Laden Deserved What He Got, Disagrees With Mendenhall

I think there is a ton of confusion in regards to how people are taking the comments by Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall. I break that down in my article “The Vilification of Rashard Mendenhall”.

People think the problem is disagreeing with Mendenhall’s opinion, that isn’t the problem.  I disagree with about 80% of what he said, the problem is when you start saying that he shouldn’t speak how he feels or he shouldn’t have a differing opinion, that is when you become a hypocrite.

Only people know deep down in the heart if they are being hypocrites or can they be adults about the situation.  Michael Vick gave his thoughts on the subject and here is what he had to say.

“It was about time,” Vick told 102.1 FM and 1490 AM The Game back home in Virginia. “What he so-called did to our people, took so many innocent lives. Hey, he deserved every bit of it.

That is a perfectly fine position to take and one that many people believe (the majority opinion).

I don’t think what Vick is saying really has anything to do with Mendenhall personally, it is just how he feels about the situation.  If someone else came out and said they would have preferred Bin Laden would have been captured and went to trial that would be ok to0.

The point I am trying to make if you haven’t figured it out by now,  is that it is ok to have an opinion and it is ok if someone has an opinion that is different from yours.

Relax, drink a Capri Sun and wipe that Kendrick Perkins mean mug off your face.