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Eagles DeSean Jackson Spends 25k At The Club..Twitpic His Receipt

Not my job to tell people what to do with their money. If guys want to make it rain in the club more power to them. I will say this though, when you are tweeting receipts who are you really trying to impress?

Are you trying to let everyone know you are a baller?

Are you pulling a Lebron?

Hoping to attract more groupies?

Because if we really broke down DeSean Jackson’s salary like FullCourtPumps.com did, it isn’t all that it appears to be.

In 2010, Desean Jackson’s contract pay him $470k and $565k next year under the contract he signed with the Eagles in 2008. After paying for bills and agents and managers and taxes and everyone else who takes a dip into your money, Desean Jackson isn’t quite in the Randy Moss contract category which will pay Moss $6.4million or even Oakland Raiders’ wide reciever Darius Heyword-Bey’s contract that paid him a whopping $21.4million in 2010.

Back to my point, there is a lockout at hand and I am judging yes, but to BLOW $25k at a club, either A) those bottles were comped or B) you’re a prime example of BMF and being a complete fool Desean Jackson.

Even moreso, a friend of mines racked up $20k from Mr. Desean Jackson during a bet on VIDEO GAMES!! Deasean sir, you’re spending $25k on bottles in a club and losing $20k in video game bets, I see you heading toward Raghib “Rocket” Ismael type of life.

20k on Video Games?

Once again I am hesistant to ever tell anyone what stripper’s G-String they should be putting their 100s in. All I can say is there are several examples of athletes who lived hard and fast only to end up broke, hurt and in bankruptcy court.

You are only one injury away from being an afterthought and Jackson of all people should know this considered the vicious concussion he had last year.

Have fun, do you, just remember time in the NFL especially is short and I hope DeSean is setting himself up nicely for a career after he can’t run a 4.3 anymore.