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How Will The Cowboys Respond To The Mavs Championship?

Jerry Jones owns and runs America’s team the Dallas Cowboys while Mark Cuban owns the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks.  Easily the two most recognizable owners in all of sports this side of Michael Jordan and Jay-Z and coincidentally they call the same city home.

Cuban and his Mavs did their football counterparts no favor in winning their first championship this past season. Trust assured Cuban’s decision to avoid the spotlight and let his team do the talking on and off the court did not go unnoticed in Dallas.  Although highly unlikely, you’ll definitely hear whispers of whether the egocentric Jones can do the same.

You see, regardless of the basketball championship; Dallas is Cowboy country and football will always take precedence in the metroplex.  The Mavs just assured that the lofty annual expectations of the Cowboys will be as pressure packed and media scrutinized as a Lebron James fourth quarter.

Speaking of players under a microscope, all eyes will be on Tony Romo this season.  For as much as Dirk Nowitzki was undeservedly questioned for the Mavs past shortcomings, Romo has earned the skepticism that looms over his shoulder.  It’s up to Romo to prove the critics who question his leadership ability wrong.

It doesn’t help Romo’s case that Dirk led the Mavs to a title in the same year that Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl in Cowboy Stadium.  It was only four years ago that Romo seemed poised to be the next big thing while Rodgers was trying to prove he was ready to play being called on to fill in for an injured Brett Favre in the old Cowboy Stadium.

Jerry Jones has the head coach he’s always wanted, the quarterback, and the stadium.  Question is, “Is that enough to accomplish the goal Cowboy fans always want”?