Ravens Le’Ron McClain Ethers Twodel @CHELLY_ROZAY For Stealing Bank Account Info – BlackSportsOnline
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Ravens Le’Ron McClain Ethers Twodel @CHELLY_ROZAY For Stealing Bank Account Info

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Emails, texts, BBMs, DMs and etc all came flooding in to me this morning all saying the same thing.

“Le’Ron McClain is putting a chick on blast for stealing his credit card info.”

I thought to myself that is pretty messed up and then I read all of McClain tweets which you can do as well.

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Then I went to Chelly Rozay page and of course she has denied any wrong doing.

Never have I ever used LeRon anything for none of my shit. I have reciets for all my shit is documented. My lawyer is gettin my name cleared about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

THis trickin ass nigga tryna cover his shit up Wat happened will come 2 light u dirty mutherfucker cnt believe this nigga leron I got papers about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I peeped a couple of Chelly’s pics to get an understanding of what all the fuss was about.

Looks like standard Twodel (Twitter Model) type photos, nothing overly impressive and she definitely likes to floss either with her money or somebody’s else.

McClain was pretty thorough with his “Ether” (easy on all the caps chief), but one I couldn’t give him the flawless victory for one major reason.

If Miss Rozay (that is an awful name by the way) is so basic, so wack, so average and so broke how did she get close enough to any of these athletes and entertainers to even get to their bank account & credit card info?

If I am reading it correctly Miss Rozay and these players have some sort of relationship, so even if she is a thief, it doesn’t say much about McClain to have this type of woman on his team.

You don’t leave hungry wolves around raw meat, so while McClain if his accusations are true had every right to be upset, maybe next time he needs to keep his eyes open and his wallet in his front pocket before letting “basic lacefront wearing” women in his life to begin with.

Says as much about McClain as it does about Miss Rozay.

Just something to ponder.