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Must Watch Video: Deion Sanders Hall of Fame Speech

It is no secret that Deion Sanders is my favorite player in any sport of all time.  I have had the pleasure to meet and speak with him on a couple of occasions the last being a few weeks ago when there was a celebration in his honor in Atlanta.

One of the messages that Deion has always conveyed to me was that you can’t be afraid to be different.

You have to be able to handle the criticisms to achieve your greater goals.

I had known the story about how “Primetime” was created, what I didn’t know until tonight was how it was his mother was the driving force behind it.



Deion Sanders 2011 Hall of Fame Speech by BlackSportsOnline

Sometimes you have to take a few shots to protect the people you love.  Deion Sanders to this day has people who don’t like his Primetime persona, but as he said when speaking on how his critics talk about his tackling or lack thereof……

“Since 1989 I have tackled every bill my momma gave me.”

And with that, I think we saw a glimpse of the real Deion Sanders.