Tiki Barber Can’t Marry Traci Lynn Johnson Cause He is Broke, Can’t Pay for Divorce – BlackSportsOnline
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Tiki Barber Can’t Marry Traci Lynn Johnson Cause He is Broke, Can’t Pay for Divorce

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The real reason that Tiki Barber wanted back in the NFL wasn’t because of the love of the game or any of that other stuff he was feeding you.

It was because he needed the money and he knew if he could get on an NFL roster that was the fastest way to do it, but that didn’t happen and now he is looking for sympathy because he can’t afford to give his intern her dream wedding because he can’t pay for his divorce settlement.

Barber wreaked havoc on his home life and short-lived career as a morning news anchor last year, when he allegedly cheated on his pregnant wife with an NBC intern.

What can we say? The intern, Traci Lynn Johnson, was hot. Barber proposed to the now 24-year-old, over the summer. Her career has taken quite a turn since she managed to snag one of the Barber twins, as she’s no longer serving coffee to on-set celebrities, but instead posing in very little on the cover of Maxim magazine.

The divorce proceedings between the two have no end in sight. Cha is demanding some serious bank for the four children she had with Barber.

But the NFL running back says he can’t afford it. After all, he did lose that gig on the the Today Show.

According to Page Six, all of this divorce stuff is putting some serious kinks in Traci’s dream wedding plans. The new couple was planning a May wedding at Barber’s Hampton’s home, and have already started printing invitations.

The only problem: They can’t legally tie any knots until the groom is officially divorced. That may take a while as Cha seems to be in no rush to finalize divorce proceedings.

I don’t think anyone will be shedding tears for Tiki.

Believe it our not I don’t really care that Tiki left his pregnant wife for an intern. He is a grown man and he makes his own decisions.

But with each decision you make there are consequences and for the love of his intern Tiki has lost his job, the general public thinks he is a douchebag and his income is at T.O. levels.

Hope she was worth it.