Reggie Bush’s Mom Wants Religious & Wholesome Woman for Him, Not Kim Kardashian – BlackSportsOnline
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Reggie Bush’s Mom Wants Religious & Wholesome Woman for Him, Not Kim Kardashian


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Reggie Reg has been balling the last half of the NFL season.

We all joke that it happened to coincide with Kim Kardashian announcing her divorce, while funny it is probably just a coincidence.   Speculation is that at some point Reggie and Kim will get back together, but Reggie’s mom would prefer a different outcome.

According to the Gather Celebs News Channel, Bush’s mother hates Kardashian and feels that she’s no good for her son. When she heard that the two reestablished contact in the midst of Kardashian’s current divorce drama, she reportedly screamed, “Don’t take her back,” as she never liked Kardashian or her family in the first place.

A little somethin for the ladies... and the gentlemen.

The Gather Celebs News Channel reports that a source indicates that Momma Bush’s hatred for Kardashian stems from her disapproval of Kardashian’s infamous Internet sex tape with another ex, rapper Ray J.

Momma Bush wants her son to set­tle down with a wholesome, religious woman who’s out of the spotlight,” the report reads.

Hate is a strong word, not like the other women Reggie has been linked to would be considered “wholesome”. If I can be frank, no one wants a wholesome religious woman that is code word for BORING.

Maybe Reggie should put in a call to Vanessa Bryant.