Dwight Howard Says it is a “Blessing” Other Teams Want Him, Nets Preparing Trade Offer – BlackSportsOnline
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Dwight Howard Says it is a “Blessing” Other Teams Want Him, Nets Preparing Trade Offer

I think Dwight Howard forgets he is still under contract with the Magic.

I think in his mind he believes he is a Free Agent who just happens to be playing during the season.  Carmelo Anthony body language was terrible while he was waiting for the Knicks to trade for him, but at least he kept his mouth shut for the most part.

I am sure every arena wishes Kevin Durant was on their team as well. Here is the latest curious quote from Dwight.

This was the first and only time the full complement of Nets media would get a crack at Howard, to gauge his feelings on moving north next season and saving a flagging franchise. The team, predictably, rolled out the red carpet, strategically positioning glossy placards of the Barclays Center in Howard’s path coming off the bus and quickly removing them once he walked by. Howard masks salted the Prudential Center and signs imploring him to change teams popped up periodically all around the building.

“It’s a humbling experience,” Howard said of all the attention. “I wish more people can see how it feels to go into another arena and have big faces and posters. It’s a blessing.”

The Blue Ivys have no choice they need Howard by any means necessary.

If they don’t, Deron Williams is gone and they move to Brooklyn with Kris Humphries on posters.  That isn’t what they want.