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Chris Kluwe Has Strong Words for People Calling Bountygate Source a “Snitch”

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is not afraid to share his opinion. When former Tight End Nate Jackson called him out for taking shots at Peyton Manning and Drew Brees by basically saying “punters should shut up”, Kluwe dropped some nasty ether in response.

Yes, I am a punter. Yes, I don’t run routes, or zone block, or cover receivers. Apparently, though, neither did you, which is the only explanation for your total lack of statistics.

The whole back and forth is worth a read, you can find it here.

I then had the chance to interview him for the site a few months later and he had some choice words for Skip Bayless, who he thinks should stick his private parts in a food processor after Skip called Billy Cundiff a non-player after he missed the kick against the Patriots. (You can read the interview here.)

So today, when the suspensions were levied against the New Orleans Saints for “Bounty-Gate” there were some people out there who threw around the word “Snitch”

Most famously (and directly) was Warren Sapp who said the snitch was fellow Cane Jeremy Shockey. (Shockey obviously denies the implication)

This apparently set off Kluwe, who for his part has been adamant that there is no place in the game for the bounties, who responded with the following rant via Twitter. Based on the timing, it would seem like he is indirectly calling out Sapp.

If you are offended by curse words, you may not want to read on because he drops a few choice F bombs (6 to be exact).

In the end, I fully agree with him in regards to the perception of snitches. In my work as a high school teacher, I hear the expression “snitches are bitches” and “snitches get stitches” thrown out by kids every day. Part of my job is to help them make the right decision and sometimes the right decision involves doing the unpopular thing. They rarely want to talk because they fear retaliation, or even worse, being ostracized in their social circles. It is refreshing when somebody has the guts to stand up and be heard. Thankfully, my school has not had any major tragedies in regards to bullying and if kids are willing to speak and make a very adult decision, that trend will continue.

Unfortunately though, as we have seen from some people, speaking up is not always considered the adult thing to do.

Thank you Chris, hopefully your message can resonate to people on all levels.