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Former Broncos CB Perrish Cox Found Not Guilty in Rape Trial


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I had a feeling this would be the outcome, based on the testimony that was given at the trial.

You can read my breakdown of the story here (Perrish Cox’s GF Broncos Demaryius Thomas & Alleged Victim & Testify In His Rape Trial).

Here is was the jury’s decision.

Former Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox was found not guilty on two counts of sexual assault, stemming from a September 2010 incident in which a woman claimed Cox had sex with her at his home without her consent.

The defense painted her as a “party girl” who didn’t remember much of what happened that night, and in closing arguments told the jury that “you might say he lied about sex. There may be a long line of distinguished and undistinguished individuals who’ve followed suit. That doesn’t make them rapists.”

I believe that Cox took advantage of Ms. Washington, the issue lies in the fact that Ms. Washington said directly to the jury that she believe it DeMaryius Thomas who had sex with her and if it was she wouldn’t have accused him of rape.

The problem with that is she is saying it is ok to have sex with her when she is passed out as long as it is the right NFL player, but because I was too drunk to figure out which player it was, I decided to press charges.

In essence saying she wasn’t raped, she was confused.

She killed her own case.

Cox is very lucky he isn’t in prison and what he did was extremely shady.  Hope he has learned a lesson that all men should understand.  Sex isn’t as important as your freedom.  Unless the female is fully coherent and consents, don’t take any chances.