Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Shouldn’t Give Back His Scholarship Because His Dad is Rich – BlackSportsOnline
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Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Shouldn’t Give Back His Scholarship Because His Dad is Rich

What do we talk about all the time?


I pray by the time my Little Princess is ready to start college I am sitting on a ton of money so I can go chill on an Island somewhere while she goes to the college of her choosing.

Even though she is only 8, I stress to her the importance of education and she is active in sports, so if by chance she gets an academic or athletic scholarship, we are going to take it.

Scholarships aren’t based on celebrity or how much money you have, it is based on academic or athletic achievement. Justin was recruited by several schools all which would have offered him a scholarships.

It would be nice if Puffy who is worth almost a half a billion dollars said…

“You know what, give that scholarship to someone else cause I can pay for sons tuition.”

But, he isn’t obligated to and unless you are willing to check every single athletes’ family net worth, then you can’t just single out one man who likes to say stupid things in the background of songs.

There are doctors, lawyers, politicians, independent business owners who COULD afford to pay for their kids tuition, but they don’t because their kids are high achievers in sports or academics.

If I was Puffy, I probably just pay it to avoid the PR situation, but I will not judge him because I never caused a ruckus about my doctor friend who makes $250k a year and his kid got a full ride for soccer.

That my friends would be hypocritical.