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Tim Tebow’s E! True Hollywood Story Coming in July

I have to say this every once in awhile, so people understand where I am coming from. I don’t blame Tim Tebow for any of the attention he gets.

There are times you can manufacture popularity, but for the most part when people latch on to someone it is on them, not the person.

Tebow is just extremely popular and that is why he is talked about 24/7 even though his on the field performances haven’t warranted this type of attention. Rarely is popularity gauged by talent, it is gained by interest and like it or not Tebow is an interesting character.

The E! network has announced that Tebow will be the focus of a 30-minute special it will air sometime in July, according to Sports Illustrated. “We have a Tim Tebow special in the works that is tentatively scheduled to premiere in July,” an E! spokesperson told SI. “Tebow is a pop culture phenomenon, and the interest of his life expands beyond the world of sports. He’s a compelling personality and has a fascinating story.”

Tebow hasn’t agreed to be a part of the special, so once again don’t blame the supplier, blame the user.

People will groan about it, but the ratings will be right up there with the Kardashians.