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Andrew Luck Explains Why He Has So Few Endorsement Deals

You look on the t.v.  and Robert Griffin III is everywhere.  Subway, Gatorade, Adidas, and a bevy of other commercials run with his namesake 24 hours a day.

Andrew Luck is in Indianapolis with a beard quietly going about his business as he prepares to usher in a new era in Colts football.

There are no commercials or national television ads for Luck right now.

Just an iron clad focus.

Luck chose to ignore large endorsement deals, and marketing campaigns and instead focused on learning his playbook and graduating from Stanford.

The Indy Star via Bob Kravitz delved into why Luck chose to stay relatively oblivious this off-season unlike his counterpart.

“I really didn’t have much time,” Luck said. “And I wanted to make sure I had time to handle the stuff that mattered, whether it was moving into an apartment, finishing school or learning the playbook. There was so much going on, I figured the less time I spent promoting myself or doing ads, the better for me. I figured I’d wait and hopefully, at some point, a big fish will come along.”

“And really, to each his own. I don’t necessarily think my way is the right way. It’s what’s best for each person. It’s fun to see Robert capitalizing on his situation.”

“We talked about this right after school, but since then, we haven’t focused much on it,” Luck said. “I’m living fine right now. I’ll focus now on football and maybe after the season is over, we’ll pursue some other opportunities, maybe something in the Silicon Valley. But for now, the time isn’t right.”

Each players approach to is their own.  If Andrew Luck goes out and lights it up as a rookie, the sky is the limit for him as a pitch man.   Luck may never become the advertising dream the RG3 is anyway based off their personality and demeanor.

So far I like what I’m seeing Luck and I expect with the way he plays the game, endorsement or no endorsements he’ll never hurt for money.