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President Obama to Play Pick Up Basketball on Election Day

I am an independent.

I have no party affiliation, my stance on most things is that you should be able to have the freedom to make your own choices.

Which is why on certain topics I lean Democrat because I am pro-choice, pro gay marriage and basically anything that gives people the freedom to live their life as they please.

President Obama had to deal with a mess when he got into office and while I wouldn’t give him an A for his first term, he has done a lot of positive things and seems to actually care about people.

I have nothing against Mitt Romney, he is trying to win a battle by any means necessary and in some cases that is the type of President you want.

Someone who will do whatever it takes to get the job done even if he has to step on some people in the process. The problem as I see it with Romney is that he lies a lot. George W. Bush was a dumb, but more like an honest drunk, I can deal with that, Romney is a business tycoon those are the type of people who like to only look out for themselves.

I would be uneasy knowing Romney has the potential to blow up things.

That more than anything else is the reason I am voting for President Obama. Shockingly to some it has nothing to do with race, but more to do with I think he has the country in mind and Romney just has his own personal gain in mind.

There could be 40 black presidents and my favorite president will always be Bill Clinton.

President Obama will keep a tradition according to The Washington Post of playing a pick up basketball game in his hometown of Chicago on election day.

It is a superstition that has brought him good luck in the past and he hopes it will again.

We will see, hopefully everyone goes out and vote and there isn’t any funny business. I can’t take any more political ads.