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Bob Stoops Says Johnny Manziel Is Best QB Sooners Have Ever Faced

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I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of what Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel  would do in the Cotton Bowl after his whirlwind world tour.

Manziel stopped by Letterman, hit the stage with country stars, bought his own courtside seats to a Mavericks game, and played golf with the Jonas Brothers.

I wasn’t sure he would have enough time to practice, getting prepared, and most importantly I truly wasn’t sure if the moment and all the press would be too much.

Safe to say I was completely wrong.  Manziel not only was prepared for the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma, Johnny Football showed up, and showed out to the tune of 287 yards passing, 2 touchdowns, and 229 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.  Yes Manziel gave Oklahoma over 500 yards of total offense by himself.

Sooners head coach Bob Stoops said the initial game plan was a simple one.  Run the ball, be efficient on offense, keep the ball out of Manziel’s hands, and stay close.

It worked for about a half, then the Aggies defense got a few stops, Manziel picked up the pace, did what he does, and the rest was history.

Stoops spoke about Manziel, and via Fan Nation, made it clear, “Manziel is the best quarterback his Sooners have ever faced.”

“All of what he does is tough to defend,” said OU coach Bob Stoops.

Q: Is Manziel the best you’ve ever seen?

Stoops: “Absolutely,” “It’s not only his throwing the football but it is what he does with his feet.”