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ESPN’s Michael Smith Pop Lock Dance is a Must Watch Video

As soon as the clock expired, Michael Smith started yelling “Boston ball!” Did Smith deserve the win against Bomani Jones on ESPN’s Around the Horn? No, but it was clear Smith was committed to this win and Tony had no choice but to hand it to him. Thank you, because what happened next was the funniest moment of the show.

Smith was awarded with twenty seconds of face time, however he provided viewers with twenty seconds of reals tears. While attempting to talk about how much he loves fumble recoveries, Smith displayed his best reenactment of Brandon Spike’s fumble recovery.

michael smith pop lock

For some odd reason I suspect he spent last night practicing those moves in the mirror. I have never seen a pop lock look so horrendous in my life, and trust me I searched YouTube and came up empty.

A dance off with Spikes I would definitely watch, although we all know who would win.

michael smith brandon spikes dance off