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Ex- Friend of Adrienne Bosh Says She’s Chris Bosh’s Beard

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Lil Wayne may have underestimated the power behind his words when he decided to go on a mini “Hit Em Up” rant mirroring Tupac, when he publicly displayed his disdain for the Miami Heat. Then again I can’t imagine the self-proclaimed best rapper alive not knowing the magnitude of his words. Wayne knew he opened up Pandora’s box when he claimed he had sex with Adrienne Bosh. He opened the door for people around the world to share their personal grievances with Mr. and Mrs. Bosh.

Adrienne and Chris Bosh

Bosh and Adrienne got married almost two years ago on April 9th 2011. Although she has been the first lady to Bosh for nearly two years, all it takes is one bone to fall out of the closet before people start digging. In addition to rappers alleging they or persons known to them had sexual relations with Adrienne Bosh, according to Mouthtoears.com a new source has came out the wood works telling Adrienne’s entire life story.

“Adrienne moved from Ohio to Cali when she was 19.  There she met Lil Wayne, followed him to Louisiana and dated him while he was with Toya.  She then moved to NY from there to Atlanta.  While in Atlanta she dated John AbrahamDeangelo HallDelonte West.”

Now once you read the alleged encounter presented by this unnamed source you have to analyze the facts. First this unnamed source seems to be a bitter friend who probably was living the “glitter lifestyle” riding shot gun with Adrienne, but since she didn’t keep her along for the ride someone decided to dish out all of her personal information. Ladies be caution who you associate with when you’re at the bottom because when you make it to the top they will try to bring you back down.

“Adrienne drove an old Lexus, lived in an apartment and bought all her “lingerie” at Kohl’s.  She had a few hook ups on buddy passes so it looked like she “had her own $”.  Deanglo Hall’s wife found out about her and confronted her about sleeping with her husband. Remember she is still sleeping with Lil Wayne, every time he came to Atlanta. She has a younger half sister and Father that live in Gwinnett County Ga in an apartment.”

As a female dollaraire, I may need help in understanding the crime in wearing Kohl’s lingerie. I was under the impression lingerie is supposed to come off. It’s not meant to be worn for long periods of time, so I can’t imagine why anyone would care if it came from Wal-Mart, Target, or Kohl’s, unless you’re a jealous female. I assure you the last thing a man is thinking is, “I hope she got those bras and panties from Victoria Secret or I can’t do.”

“She worked for a year at the Pink Pony then Mardi Gras (both strip clubs) while bouncing back and fourth between NY and Ga. She starts dating a “major drug dealer” named Dion in NY.  She fought with his baby momma everyday until the BM drove a wedge between her & Dion.  She started working a Scores as a waitress when she met Chris.”

To address the allegations of her being a former stripper, what professional athlete hasn’t dated a stripper? Technically speaking if you look at the sources information as valid facts, Adrienne wasn’t a stripper when she met Bosh. She was a waitress at a strip club, and although some people like to associate the two as being the same I urge you to look at the differences in tips and you would understand why they’re polar opposite.

“Move forward a few months, she meets his family (cause Chris grandma died). Convinces Chris to fire his cousin  & that his PR person should be Tammy (Keith Murry baby momma)aka Adrienne’s friend from NY.  Tammy then tells Chris “you need to up your image” and “you need the family man image”.  So he asked Adrienne to marry him, goes on all these family shows and she spreads love peace and happiness. 

Adrienne Bosh 2

None the less, Chris’s entire family hates her.  You will not see ANY pictures of them (his parents or any family) together after the “engagement party” photo.  Her click consist of “SharonWilborn” aka DrWibornXl.  She is a “urban model” okay!!! Sarah aka she suppose to be a singer?! Is a rich girl from NY that Adrienne kept around for all the hook-ups on things.  She lived with Sarah (while dating Chris and Dion) during the “split from Dion”.

 Our source also alleges that not only has Mrs. Bosh been playing the role as Chris’ beard, helping his image so no one suspects his true nature, and in exchange, she gets to live up the good life. 

Moving on to the more pressing issue at hand. The claim made that Adrienne is nurturing Chris’s image to help derail the allegations that he lives an alternative lifestyle cannot be backed up with facts. Although Bosh has displayed some questionable, eye brow rising antics, unless you can prove it what does it matter. This is 2013. For all practical purposes let’s pretend the claims are real. Bosh is in the closet and has a wife and child to cover up his true sexuality. Well I am sorry to be the messenger with bad news, but a large amount of men partakes in that lifestyle, and although it’s not talked about there are females who are willing to accept it. We may not agree with it, but last I checked it was their life and as long as they’re being honest to their partners and playing safe who are we to judge? There are people who partake in this lifestyle in order to keep their private lifestyles private. Adrienne had no problem lying in the bed next to him to make a baby, so why should I? Since I don’t have to sleep with him it doesn’t affect me, and it surely doesn’t affect the Miami Heat players so as far as I’m concern keep doing whatever it is you are doing.

The alarming matter to me is who holds onto year old pictures of someone waiting for the opportunity to expose them? You have to be pretty low, and unhappy with yourself to sit on information for years patiently waiting until that person reaches higher levels so you can share the information with the world.  Bosh has been married for nearly two years, but you wait until now to surface with this information. It’s obvious someone is hurt.

Like me, you, and every other person in America we all come with a past, present, and future. If Chris Bosh can look pass Adrienne’s alleged promiscuous ways and flat butt, and see her for the woman she is today featuring the newly remodeled body then good for him. Same as if Adrienne can see pass the questionable, suspect ways of Bosh and love him for him then good for her. There comes a time when people need to get out of their emotions and deal with the fact you lost and she won. People are going to think what they want, so kudos to them for simply ignoring it.