Andrew Bynum HS Athletic Director: “We Don’t Mention His Name Anymore” – BlackSportsOnline
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Andrew Bynum HS Athletic Director: “We Don’t Mention His Name Anymore”

Andrew Bynum

There is a solid chance, that Bynum will never play basketball again.

Your knees don’t normally get better, as you get older, especially when you are over 7 Feet Tall. How motivated will he be to come back? That is a question for either the Sixers or the new team that takes a risk on him.

His old high school doesn’t want to have anything to do with him according to Pro Basketball Talk.

“Everyone here at school says the same thing: What’s wrong with him? Why does he act like that?” says St. Joe’s athletic director Jerry Smith. “He went from someone we’re proud of to someone whose name we don’t even mention anymore.”

“Yeah, I never respond to that kind of request (to defend Bynum), because Andrew has chosen not to stay in touch for whatever reason, so I just don’t get involved with it,” says Mark Taylor, who now coaches the St. Benedict’s Prep powerhouse. “I don’t dislike him, and he’ll continue to do well if he can stay healthy, but I’m sure he’s got people who will guide him in times like this.”

“Like most big guys with big expectations, he seemed uncomfortable with them,” says Wendell Alexis, the former Syracuse star who was Taylor’s assistant in 2004-05. “And subsequently, he seemed leery of people around him — coaches, or agents, or could be anybody. He had a very serious nature for a 17-year-old, actually, whereas most people that age — with that talent — would think the world was their oyster.”

Bynum has made $50 million in his NBA career, he might just pack it in.