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Ole Miss Marshall Henderson Drinking Jager Bombs To Prep For Tourney (Photo)


Henderson is quickly surpassing Johnny Manziel for the title of Y.O.L.O College athlete of the Year. Henderson just led Ole Miss to an upset SEC Championship win over the Florida Gators and before his team attempts to make a similar run in the NCAA tourney Henderson is throwing back a few Jager bombs with friends.

I’m all for partaking in an adult beverage but the week of the NCAA tourney may be questionable timing. This is the biggest tournament of the year and really the only one that matters for the legacy of a team. Conference championships are great but the are easily forgotten, this is wear legends are made. Athletes who take preparation lightly and rest on their achievements get bounced early.

If anyone can disprove that and party all week it would be the SEC’s newest phenom Henderson. In his first year in the conference the Junior shooting guard has won the SEC New Comer of the Year award and was snubbed for first team All-SEC honors. He led the conference in scoring with 20+ points per game and his antics have rejuvenated the Ole Miss fan base.

The best part is that he isn’t painted as a “Johnny Football” or America’s guy. He is usually painted as a villain and a pest in the SEC, but he thrives on that. He’s straight out of a WWE storyline, the classic heel that is so good and skilled that you must root for him. He can have as many Jager bombs, Jameson&Gingers, Patron shots, or whatever other drinks that he fancies because he can flat out ball.

I’m rooting for Ole Miss to make the Sweet 16 so that Henderson can be this years’ Steph Curry…With an edge.