Ex-Lions WR Who Begged Model To Let Him See His Son, Has Domestic Violence Arrests (Photos) – BlackSportsOnline
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Ex-Lions WR Who Begged Model To Let Him See His Son, Has Domestic Violence Arrests (Photos)

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When I wrote the story about Ex-Lions WR Derrick Williams begging internet model Ahni Luv to let him see his son, I made a point to say this.

“Listen, I don’t know the full story, maybe I am missing something.”

It appears there as a lot Derrick left out of the situation.

Ahni Luv Derrick Williams

We always tell both sides of the story and originally we only had Derrick’s side, which made it appear that Ms. Luv was just being a bitter baby mama, but from these court documents that might not be the case.

Derrick Williams Domestic ViolenceDerrick Williams Domestic Violence 2Derrick Williams Domestic Violence 3

As you can see from the last court document, there is a restraining order against Derrick and that might explain why he isn’t about to see how son.

One of Ahni’s friends paints Derrick in a totally different light that the distraught loving father he proclaimed he was on Instagram.

Derrick Williams history of domestic violence towards Ahni Luv. The current restraining order which was a result of assaulting Ahni while holding their son. Ahni had bruises on her leg, arms and her side of her stomach for almost 2 weeks after he put his hands on her. The obstruction of property also happened to be the baby’s STROLLER that he threw over the rail from the 5th flow of the parking garage! The first assault was when Ahni was 3 months pregnant and Derrick had Ahni so scared that she hid in a closet, while he punched the wall trying to get to her. The police had to come and our friend had to move her out at 3AM in the morning.

Could this all be true, possibly. Is it becoming more like a he said/she said, definitely. But, the court documents are factual information and the facts are he isn’t just a random father begging to see his son. He has been convicting of some serious crimes and that more than anything else is the reason he hasn’t seen his kid lately.  It’s likely that Williams lost visitation because of the crimes and now wants them back.

Hopefully they can work it out.