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Sterling, Hernandez Top GQ’s ’25 Worst People In Sports’

Donald Sterling June 2014

Every year list are made to highlight the best and most deserving in the world of sports.

GQ Magazine went in a totally different direction, and decided to highlight the worst, with a piece pointing out “The 25 Biggest Sleazebags in the Sports world today.”

Not surprisingly, former Clippers owner Donald Sterling and former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez lead the list of so called slimes and dirt bags.

Other big names on the list include Ray Rice, War Machine, Lance Armstrong and Bobby Petrino.  Some of the surprising names on the list include UFC president Dana White and Knicks guard J.R. Smith among other.

Here is the complete breakdown:

1. Donald Sterling

2. Aaron Hernandez

3. Sepp Blatter

4. Isiah Thomas

5. Chad Curtis

6. Tiki Barber

7. War Machine

8. Dana White

9. Lance Armstrong

10. Bobby Petrino

11. J.R. Smith

12. Ray Rice

13. Luis Suarez

14. Johnny Terry

15. Jim Irsay

16. John Calipari

17. Jay Mariotti

18. Lane Kiffin

19. Alex Rodriguez

20. Dan Snyder

21. Jameis Winston

22. Richie Incognito

23. Jimmy Haslem

24. Jeffrey Loria

25. Josh Lueke