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Paul George: ESPN is Crazy For Saying I Wouldn’t Play With Kobe

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Los Angeles Lakers

It’s been an interesting two days for Kobe Bryant and ESPN. After a scathing piece by Henry Abbott claiming that no superstars want to play with Kobe and blaming the five-time Champion for all of the Lakers current woes.

Reading the article, much of what was written came off as more Abbott trying to bash Kobe than common sense, ignoring failed trades, coaching hires and lack of asset management and pinning everything on Bryant. It seems that some players around the league believe the story was a bit much as well. Paul George was one of the players mentioned as not wanting to come to the Lakers because of Kobe, and he took to Twitter to dismiss that idea.

Let’s be honest here, there are plenty of things that Kobe has done wrong in his career. Alienating every star teammate he’s ever had, gunning at an insane rate, and generally being an a-hole are all things you can pin on Kobe. But to blame him for everything wrong with an entire franchise? That seems to be more pettiness than anything else.

H/T Slam Online