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Anonymous Redskins Player: No One is Happy With RG3

RG3 Murdered

I understand the need for anonymous sources in media, but when you are directly talking about player in a negative way, but are afraid to put your name to it, that makes you worse than the player you are talking about.

All of this stuff about RG3 could be true, but the atmosphere and backstabbing within the Redskins makes me believe that he will be better off somewhere else.

“No one is happy … no one gets the hype around him anymore.”

“He’s secluded and it affects us in the game. We don’t have that real rapport. He’s lost confidence and is complacent now.”

“I don’t see him being in the NFL for that long,” we’re told … “I think he goes into politics. He’s good at that kinda thing.”

The player who spoke to TMZ goes on to say it has been a nightmare this season and no one really likes RG3.

Great locker room they have there.