Man Gets KOed With Pimp Slap at Slap Olympics (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Man Gets KOed With Pimp Slap at Slap Olympics (Video)

Knocked Out from Slap
Slap-A-Palooza or whatever this (legal?) slap contest is called, took place in some high school gym with an announcer and a legion of fans. These Slap Olympics seemed to have just crowned it’s gold medalist. Watch as the guy in the hat slaps the long haired fellow to barely a flinch. At this point the guy in the hat looked like he knew he messed up bad.

That slap sent this guy literally toppling over like a cartoon character. If you slow it down you see his feet just plank on him as he falls back. The slap was loud and the crowd erupted as if Michael Jordan just hit a game winner. Who are these people and where did they even hear about this? Also, are you allowed to slap near the temple? Of course that is going to knock a person out. I don’t know what is going on or what the rules of something like this would be, but count me in to watch this over and over again, just like you will cause who cares about the rules?