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Kendrick Perkins Has Become LeBron’s Fonzworth Bentley


LeBron James is the self proclaimed King of the NBA but his game makes him worthy of the name. LeBron is a 11-time All Star, has 4 MVPs, 2-time NBA Championship and now he is the owner of 1 very important motivational speaker, Kendrick Perkins. Perkins was acquired by the Cavs last month and has been in LeBron’s face ever since.

I’ve done it all the time,” Perkins said. “I’m just getting them ready because I know we’re all in the same boat looking for the same thing. You’ve got to take care of your dogs. A lot of people are starting to compare other players to him and they’re not even on the same level as him. I’m just telling him to be great. I’m letting him know that it’s on him to go out there and show the world once again who the man is.” Perkins also added: “Even though he might not need it, I feel like I got to remind him of who he is.”

I’ve noticed Perkins’ and LeBron’s interaction over the last few game and I don’t know if Perkins words are what lit a fire under LeBron but he has been playing with a new fire as of late.

With Perk, he’s always put his mindset in on who he’s going up against, the team that he’s going up against before he even stepped out on the floor,” James said. “He’s always had that aggression. I loved playing with him when we were kids and I hated playing against him those times when he was in Boston and OKC, and I’m back to loving him agaig. He’ll run through a wall for you. I’m ecstatic about him being here.”

LeBron played a big role in recruiting Perkins to come play for the Cavs. Perkins has only played in 3 games with the Cavs and just 6 total minutes of actions. Perkins has been known as a great locker room guy, if the Cavs can make a run for a title, he may pursue a career as a motivational speaker after basketball.

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