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Stephanie McMahon Tweets Philanthropy is Future of Marketing

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Stephanie McMahon tweeted out about philanthropy being the future of marketing that got her a lot of criticism from fans. Here’s the tweet.

The overall criticism comes from the fact that the WWE will be giving an award at tonights WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, the child who passed away from cancer after visiting Wrestlemania last year. Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch tweted the exact thoughts that should be on every business persons mind when seeing Stephanie McMahon’s tweet.

I can understand the benefit of pushing philanthropy as a marketing strategy as it would only lead to more philanthropy. In that sense, you’re doing a good thing and having it publicized might inspire others to do good things but this is something you don’t say or tweet especially when you’re Stephanie McMahon and you’re about to give an award to a kid that passed away from cancer. It kind of cheapens the entire thing even if it is coming from a real emotional place. Stephanie McMahon seems to literally be tone deaf to the real world to tweet something like that out.