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Ex-Redskins Player Says Team Tried to Make Him Buy Luxury Box


This is a bizarre story to say the least.

Ross Tucker, a former Washington Redskins offensive lineman, revealed that the team had tried to pressure him into buying a luxury box going into just his second year in the league.

In an interview with the Sporting News, Tucker details how he had made 300k his rookie season. Taxes obviously cut that number nearly in half, and the luxury boxes the following season cost roughly 125k.

Also, its important to keep in mind that the guy selling the tickets had nothing to do with football operations. He simply sold the luxury tickets for a living.

Yet he still insisted to Tucker that he’d make the team prior to training camp breaking, “you’re good, you’ll make the team“, the man claimed.

Tucker would eventually get cut later that season, making his decision to turn down the tickets that much more wise in the long run.

“He was under a lot of pressure to sell luxury boxes, and so he was leaving no stone unturned. I give him credit for that,” Tucker said. “But needless to say, I was not a good candidate to get a luxury box.”

By the sounds of it, he was pretty much the definition of a pushy salesman.

Tucker always had a good sense of humor regarding the whole situation, making that guy pretty lucky in my book. Not many people I know would react well to that kind of person.