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Body Language Expert on Why Beyonce Has Crush on LeBron (Video)


Jay Z got to be one of the luckiest dudes ever for having Beyonce as a wife. I mean she’s arguably the most gorgeous thing walking on the planet that all dudes would dream to have, but one female body language expert sees something that most probably won’t.

Doctor Lillian Glass believes Beyonce has a small admiration and ‘high school’ crush on the world’s best basketball player LeBron James.

Complex spoke with Dr.Glass, who specializes renowned human behavior and body language, well at least that’s what it says on her website.

Here were Dr. Glass’s reviews of Beyonce on LeBron in each video and photo below.

Yeah, her head is cocked in a flirtatious manner and she’s smiling. The fact that her head is cocked shows that there’s a type of flirtation with LeBron James. Then she kind of looks away when Jay looks at her, doesn’t she?


She’s eyeing him, she’s like a little high school girl with a crush. She’s leaning back looking up at him, kind of like in admiration. And, he’s holding her back. She’s just swooning at him.


Yeah, she’s checking him out. There’s a checking out business going on here. She has her mouth open and is sitting next to Jay Z. She’s all dolled up and her hair is all curly, she’s got her eye on the side to him. She’s regressed into this school girl.

Now this just some of the videos and photos, and as you can see some of these comments are just out there.

The selection of these lightweight incriminating videos and photos does raise an eye or two, but it’s very unlikely Jay Z has to worry about anything.

I mean they have Blu Ivy Carter and have only been ‘the it couple’ in front of the public eye.

What do you guys think of these videos and photos?

Do you think Dr. Glass is on to something or off something?

Is there a LeBronce?

Let’s hear your thoughts.