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Jerry Jones on Having Nightmares About the Panthers


The Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys was a game anticipated by many. Cam Newton and the Panthers are undefeated and the Cowboys finally had their golden boy back, Tony Romo. The moment was set on the big stage of an afternoon Thanksgiving game, and all eyes were glued. Many were up in the air concerning who would win, Romo finally lead the team to a victory after 7 weeks of losses and the notion was with him back, the winning would continue, but the Panthers decided to change the story line and it seems the Cowboys season.

Romo was coming back on the field. He suffered an injury to his collarbone earlier in the season and upon his return last week, he was barely 100%, but Romo and the organization knew the risk of him returning early, and its sad to say, their worst nightmare happened. Romo was already banged up from a tough Miami defense, but the Panthers, ranked 4th in defense, held no punches in Dallas and as a result, Romo was hurt and ruled out the rest of the season.

One person who still can’t believe it happened is none other than Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. Jones was excited upon the return of Romo and felt that their season could finally turn around, he didn’t expect the worst to happen in losing his star quarterback.

“I don’t think push is the word for it,” Jones said Friday on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan (via “We felt the risk was worth the potential for having him be the impact he can be and really having a fairytale turnaround and doing something that was special. And to me, that’s what we’re about, that’s what sports is about. You shouldn’t ever quit trying to do something extraordinary.

“The dream was if Tony could have come in and been the catalyst and had the results we had the week before in Miami against a great team, a really great team — Carolina is so impressive — if we could have done that, it could have been the beginning of something special.”

“I had a nightmare last night,” Jones said, “and I was hoping when I woke up this morning it was just that.”

Matt Cassel is now taking over for the Cowboys for the rest of the season, one of their QB’s who couldn’t win a game during Romo’s absence. Should Dallas take this as a sign and just take the season as a loss and prepare for draft? Finding a backup QB is just as hard as finding your franchise QB. Both need to be able to compliment the other and maintain the team consistency regardless who is at the head. Looks like Jerry better wake up and realize this team needs his leadership now more than ever.

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