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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap: A NEW ERA BEGINS

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After a better-than-expected TLC show ended with 10 minutes of awesome, fans everywhere were interested/excited/terrified of what Monday Night Raw would bring for Roman Reigns and the WWE Title Picture. Worry not WWE Universe, Raw delivered. Let’s take a look at what went down.


Roman Reigns Supreme

We kick things off with a very angry Stephanie McMahon coming out and huffing and puffing about Roman Reigns destroying her husband the night before at TLC. Steph says that she’s going to be vindictive tonight and starts railing Reigns before the man himself comes out to the ring.

Reigns refuses to apologize and just smirks at Steph as she goes crazy so begins to slap him repeatedly because yay for abusing employees! Steph tells Reigns she won’t fire him because Trips told her not to, but she knows someone who can and they’ll be there tonight.


Side note: The crowd absolutely booed the hell out of Steph and cheered Reigns like crazy, so yeah, killing Triple H worked.

Backstage we see McMahon pull in and stare down some poor old man who just happens to be smiling in the wrong direction.

Yup, Vince is definitely back.

McMahon comes out to the ring literally in the middle of an R-Truth/Bo Dallas match and basically stops the match because he’s here and nobody cares about Truth or Dallas apparently.

McMahon grabs a mic and cusses about Reigns but says he’ll have to wait because he wants to go to commercial. Back from commercial we wait some more before Vince finally calls Roman out to the ring.

Vince tells Reigns he should get on his knees and apologize but Roman just laughs and says no, so the CEO threatens to beat him up which LOL OK VINCE.

Some back and forth between the two leads to Sheamus coming out saying he wants revenge and he’s so confident he’ll put his title on the line tonight. Vince says hell no, so Reigns mocks his testicular fortitude which is apparently the same as calling Marty McFly chicken because Vince immediately grants the match. Only there’s a stipulation… if Reigns doesn’t leave with the title he’s FIIIIIII-YEEEERRRRRRED!

Roman accepts because obviously, and then Vince goes in for a handshake to bury the hatchet before… nope, he just wanted to kick him in the balls.

Yeah so Vince has squarely placed himself in this thing. It’s like he saw Triple H get Reigns over by selling that beating yesterday and realized if he doesn’t show up on Raw he can’t take credit when Reigns is officially over with the WWE.

Main event time. Sheamus and Reigns deliver yet another physical, fun match that wasn’t as good as TLC but was still pretty damn fun to watch. But we’ve seen this match before, what we want to know is how will WWE finish this damn thing?!

Reigns hits Sheamus with a desperation Superman Punch and goes for the pin! 1…2….HEY WHERE’D THE REF GO?!

Before the ref can hit the 3-count, Vince pulls him out of the ring, a time-honored heel tactic of course. Sheamus takes advantage and gets a near-fall, so Vince calls the ref over to talk and explains to him that he needs to count faster.

The League of Nations uses the distraction to come down and attack Reigns. After hitting Alberto Del Rio with a Superman Punch, Reigns eats a monster kick from Rusev. Somehow, Reigns fights back and starts exchanging blows with Sheamus.

The Champ throws Reigns into the ropes but Roman ducks and that’s when it happened. That one magical moment that they will play in every Roman Reigns highlight for the next 20 years.

Vince eats a massive Superman Punch and boy did the old man sell it. Seriously, look at the slow-mo.

With Vince out of the picture it’s time for Reigns to fulfill his destiny!

Only not, as Reigns turns around and walks right into a Brogue Kick. 1….2…. HE KICKED OUT!!!

The crowd is going absolutely insane now and Sheamus tries to finish Reigns off, only REIGNS HITS HIM WITH A SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE!




For the first time in forever, the WWE Title changes hands on Raw. Looks like they figured out how to get those Raw ratings up huh?

You know what else WWE figured out? HOW TO GET ROMAN REIGNS OVER.

Starting with the 10 minutes of Triple H decimation Sunday night through his title win Monday Night, WWE made Reigns into a destroyer of everything and did in 24 hours what they weren’t able to accomplish in 12 months.

Even more importantly, Reigns won the title and had the entire crowd behind him in the same building that he was booed out of after winning the Royal Rumble. Now THAT is redemption.

Look, this could all be undone next week if WWE decides that Reigns bumped the ref when hitting Vince with a Superman Punch and was therefore disqualified and not Champ, but let’s just enjoy the fact that WWE finally listened to the fans and it worked out BEAUTIFULLY.

And if Reigns is indeed at the beginning of a long title run, he will be doing so as a crowd favorite with the WWE Universe solidly behind his title reign. If you told me that a week ago I would have called you insane and hit you with an RKO.

But now we can (hopefully) finally move forward with the Reigns Empire and build towards what will likely be a rematch with Royal Rumble-winning Brock Lesnar at ‘Mania 32.

Either way, the WWE title is in good hands and we should all be excited for what the future holds, including…

Other Results – 

New Day <3 – The New Day comes out to discuss their show-stealing battle the night before at TLC and invites the Usos and Lucha Dragons out. They shake hands and tell their foes that they have earned the New Day’s respect, which is surprisingly civil for the tag Champs.

You know what’s not civil? Celebrating like crazy as soon as the Usos and Lucha Dragons get out of the ring.

It is some damn good entertainment though.


Kevin Owens Destroys Everyone – New Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose is out for a match against Dolph Ziggler that is pretty fun. Ambrose especially was in his element, hitting some patented Ambrose moves.

It was all good and fun, until Kevin Owens showed up.

And absolutely destroyed everyone.

Ambrose eats a vicious Pop-Up Power Bomb because Owens is no longer here to play, he’s here for his title. Ziggler tries to make the save and well, it doesn’t go so well.

Yeah, he power-bombed Ziggler ONTO Ambrose. Kevin Owens is the best.

Wyatts Go Extreme – The Wyatt Family and ECW Originals continued their feud, this time with an extreme match featuring a ton of big spots, including Tommy Dreamer killing himself to take Luke Harper through a few tables off the stage.

In the end, the Wyatt’s stood tall and picked up the win.

Someone Save Neville – Neville put on a good match with Tyler Breeze that ended the way we like to see all Neville matches end, in a Red Arrow.

For some reason Miz was ringside and then they had an annoying promo in the back that ended with Miz doing English accents. Please, someone get Neville into a meaningful storyline.

Still Don’t Care About Either of These Feuds – Ryback and Jack Swagger teamed up to take on Alberto Del Rio and Rusev and seriously, nobody cares. Lana distracts the ref and the League of Nations gets the win. END THIS CRAP ALREADY.

Let’s Just Push Sasha Already – Charlotte and Becky teamed up to take on Brie Bella and Alicia Fox in a match that was only interesting because Team BAD was sitting ringside. Ric Flair tripped Alicia Fox and this let’s Becky lock in the Disarmer for the win.