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Denver PD Comments on Number of People Arrested in SB Celebration


Usually, after a team wins a championship, you think about the state of chaos that city must be in. Cars being turned over, windows being smashed, fires being lit, couches being burned, you know typical bad decisions someone who has been drinking all day would do after their favorite team wins it all.

That combination of emotions and alcohol then multiplied by a thousand because of the energy of everyone around you feeling the same thing is electric.

Denver made the city proud. From TMZ:

The Denver Police Dept. says it’s PROUD of Broncos Nation — saying they only made 12 Super Bowl celebration arrests in Denver last night … with NO major injuries.

We spoke with Officer Tyrone Campbell who tells us overall “people behaved themselves amazingly” … but said there were some people who “acted silly.”

For the number of people the Denver metro-area has, that low of number arrests is incredible. When Seattle won the Super Bowl, a couple things got smashed, but the majority of ‘damage’ was couch burning by the college students in my area, but overall it was civil- there wasn’t even jaywalking

It makes you wonder if the legalization of marijuana has anything to do with it. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s required, believe me, I know Colorado loves their Budweiser, but rioting would sure look a lot different with baked people rather than drunk people. I’m sure there were a lot of people who were both, but in a time where it’s socially encouraged to get lit up, maybe at least for the state of the city, weed was a better choice over alcohol.