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Details on Casinos Banning Vegas Dave After Hitting on Huge Sports Bets

vegas dave

Vegas Dave is one of the most polarizing figures in sports, yet he’s never stepped on a field or a court.

Instead, Vegas Dave watches others partake in sports from the luxury of his couch. His 7 screen television setup is constantly showing various sports while he crunches the numbers looking for his next big play.

Dave doesn’t gamble for fun or place small little bets to pass time. He puts down huge amounts on teams and waits, sometimes as long as 8 months, for the pay off.

“The past 5 years i predicted 3 of the 5 World Series winners before the season started. Last year was the big record-breaking with the Royals, I put a $100k to win $2.5mil on them,” said Dave.

“Everyone thought I was crazy because they haven’t won a World Series in 30 years, so this year I’m pretty confident in who will be in the World Series already and I’m looking to make some more money this year.”

It’s that confidence that separates Dave from other professional sports gamblers. He’s not afraid to “bet the futures” as he put it and wait for the pay-day.

That betting strategy has also led Las Vegas casinos to ban him from betting in their establishments.


At this time Dave is only allowed to place bets at one Las Vegas property and he expects that to come to an end shortly.

“I’ve been 86ed from pretty much all the casinos now,” said Dave. “All the big casinos won’t take my bets anymore. I have one place that’ll take my bets but I’m not sure how much longer they’re going to take it.”

Dave has won over $6 million the past 3 months and he sees no end in sight.

“These casinos don’t like to lose and I’ve hit them pretty hard in the last 4 months. I thought they were going to start kicking me out years down the road but now it’s already starting to happen.”

We will see if Vegas sports books get fed up and put an end to Dave’s run.

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