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Son is Taken By CPS After Dad Disciplines Him by Boxing (Video)

Social media brings us into the home of Tavis Sellers while he disciplines his 17-year old son for walking out of class and again raises the question of how to discipline your child.

Since the video has been posted the son has been removed by child protective services while the investigation continues. Tavis has been arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery and was released on $5k bond. More details from Fox5:

Sellers told FOX 5 his family is a “boxing family,” and it is “no one’s place to judge how he takes care of his business in his house.” In the video, he can be heard scolding his son about his behavior while throwing punches.

Whatever stance you take on this issue, you’re going to be very wrong to a lot of people because of how they were brought up. There are people on both sides of this issue that have grown up a certain way and benefited/hindered their life in a certain way.

I’m not a father, so who am I to judge, but the people I’ve experienced who resort to physicality to teach someone a lesson generally don’t have the wherewithal or patience to teach someone with your mind. Without boxing gloves. And sure, if we are being honest, a lot of teenagers need their noses bloodied earlier in life- I did. I learned so much by getting my ass kicked over and over again in high school wrestling as a kid.

But there is no denying that this father loves his son and wants the best for him- that comes across clear as day in the video. I’m sure it’s not easy at all to be a father and if we are speaking in general terms, people tend to pass on what their parents did to them.

To me, this isn’t child abuse in the way most people think of it, but it is discipline by violence. There is no denying that.