The Reason Ibaka’s Parents Didn’t Tell Him He Had a 10-Year Old Kid (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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The Reason Ibaka’s Parents Didn’t Tell Him He Had a 10-Year Old Kid (Video)


Leaving Congo to pursue and NBA career at the age of 17 would be tough for anyone. Leaving Congo at 17 knowing you have a child on the way would be even tougher and was deemed too much for Serge Ibaka by his parents.

Ibaka has learned his way around NBA and has made a name for himself as a big time shot blocker but he’s still working on his new full-time job of being a father. Ibaka left Congo not knowing that a women he once dating was pregnant with his child. Serge’s father knew of the child but didn’t think it was best to tell his son. His mother knew as well but kept if from him in fear that he would return and live in a war-torn country.

“I knew they did that to protect me. I knew they didn’t want me to have that kind of pressure. They said to me ‘I was just doing that to protect you.'”

Serge and his daughter Ranie have been working on their relationship as she has accompanied him during mission trips back to Congo. According to, Ranie has now made a full move to Oklahoma City to be with her father.

Serge seems to be embracing his newly found fatherhood very well.

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