2 OKC Fans Argue if Kevin Durant is a Traitor or Not (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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2 OKC Fans Argue if Kevin Durant is a Traitor or Not (Video)

On the streets of Oklahoma City, fans continue to draw their proverbial lines in the sand either for or against Kevin Durant and his choice to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

An anti- fan of the move opted to take his protest to the streets wearing a Durant jersey with the word “traitor” taped over Durant’s name. A passerby saw the protest and joined him on the street to voice her opinion on why people should relax on calling Durant a traitor.

The lady makes some valid points since Durant is free to do whatever he feels is in the best interest of his career and family. How many times have you left your paid position and went to the competitor to make more money or seek better benefits? On the other hand, long time loyal fans have a right to be upset as they’ve invested into the team and Durant as their hero.

Buckle up basketball fans, there’s a lot more of this to come.