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Chris Bosh Fires Agent While Fighting For His Career

BoshThis whole situation escalated way too quickly. It seems like yesterday Chris Bosh was talking about how excited he was to return to the court after missing a 19 games last season with a blood-clot. But the tables have turn and they turned for the worst extremely fast.

First Bosh shared with the world that he did not pass his physical as he thought he would have which kept him from being cleared to play. Then President of the Miami Heat Pat Riley shared that Chris Bosh’s career with the Heat was over.

“I think Chris is still open-minded but we are not working towards his return. We feel that based on his last exam, his Heat career is probably over.”

After that smoke settled, another major move surfaced with Bosh deciding to fire his agent Henry Thomas of CAA.

Bosh seems to be fighting for his career despite a possible bitter breakup with the Heat. It all seems like a messy situation when you acknowledge the rumors that Pay Riley and Bosh haven’t spoken in months. Only time will tell how this plays out but Bosh’s health should be his greatest concern.