ESPN’s Paul Finebaum: “This Country Isn’t Oppressing Black People” (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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ESPN’s Paul Finebaum: “This Country Isn’t Oppressing Black People” (Video)

Ignore the statement about him saying this country isn’t oppressing black people for a moment and pay attention to the first thing that comes out of his mouth in the above video.


The oppressor never understands why anyone would feel oppress.

The reason is simple, because they are either doing the oppressing or they never had to deal with being oppressed.


I don’t know Paul Finebaum to make assumptions about him personally, but what I do know is he is a 61-year-old white man, so I am going to go out on a limb and say he has no idea what black people old or young have to go through in this country.  He has no idea what it is like being a black person in this country currently and doesn’t have the right to tell us how we feel.

Do people of color have it better than 100 years ago or 50 years ago yes, does that mean this country is treating us like equal citizens today absolutely not.

It is 2016, but it is simply still harder for a minority than it is for white person in this country. Some would say that is just an opinion, but it is an opinion that is based on a million facts and experience.

Finebaum is part of the crowd who is more concerned about Kaepernick sitting down than the message he is trying to get out, look at how dismissive he is on this panel.

He doesn’t seem to care at all about police brutality or racial injustices. Why should he? He doesn’t even believe blacks are treated unfairly in this country, so why would you expect him to care about the problems that Kaepernick addressed?

Kaepernick isn’t crazy, he isn’t going off on wild tangents and while many people will still choose to stand for the anthem, people who actually care about this country know he isn’t telling any lies.

This is why people of color are discouraged about legitimate change happening in our society because there are too many people like Finebaum who simply want to ignore the problems and smirk and be dismissive of them.

That is the definition of oppression and an oppressor.


Finebaum has apologized.