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Panthers Hired a White Guy to Coach Cam Newton on How to Talk About Race


There has definitely been a shift in how Cam Newton has talked about race and how he speaks about everything since the Panther lost in the Super Bowl.

It was happening in plain sight and wasn’t being hidden very well. SI has some insight on who is responsible for the change.

Race has played a role in some, if not most, of the criticism Newton has received over the years. He said it in January and he said it again to the nation’s most recognizable black publication. But since then, something has changed, and Newton has been operating under the politics of respectability and colorblindness.

frank_luntz_2009Part of the shift has to do with GOP pollster and PR advisor Frank Luntz. Luntz has worked with the Panthers before—Deadspin outlined some of his work with them and Cam Newton in a piece from 2014, which included, as the article says, “a campaign to enhance the image of several players and the organization.” He was called in (by whom is unclear) this off-season to help Newton frame discussions on race among other topics, according to people close to Newton. Luntz, who declined comment on this story through a spokeswoman, is often credited with prompting the phrase “climate change” rather than global warming and helping Newt Gingrich with his 1990s “Contract With America.”

Luntz doesn’t like Kaepernick at all, meaning he isn’t a fan of someone protesting for racial equality and ending police brutality. Just think about that for a minute.

Newton who was pretty outspoken about race issues in the past and has been a target of racism and prejudice, now says the country is beyond racism.

He has become someone who waffles on issues and doesn’t make any clear statements. He says a lot of words that don’t mean anything.

“It’s not just police killing black people it’s…people make mistakes. People make mistakes often,” Newton told the station. “No matter the color, no matter the age, no matter the size or what have you. In my community, it’s people that’s killing people. And that’s all across America. So it’s not a point in time where I just don’t want to fingerpoint and hold this specific entity up to a standard that we’re all not living up to.

“Do I think it’s right? No. But I just think we all, as a whole, should be better. You know? And I don’t think skin color, I don’t think culture status, should kind of alienate certain people from others. That’s just not something that I believe in. I believe in treating everybody right.”

It almost seems like Cam Newton has been brainwashed, like a Manchurian Candidate.

A white man, should never be coaching a black man how to speak about race. It is sad that Newton has allowed that to happen considering how black people have vigorously fought for him when others just thought he was a thug and n*gger for dancing.