Andre Iguodala Speaks on Athletes Being Held at Higher Standards Than Police – BlackSportsOnline
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Andre Iguodala Speaks on Athletes Being Held at Higher Standards Than Police

Andre Iguodala compares Kevin Durant and Under Armour to him dating Halle BerryGolden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala is preaching the gospel with this one.

So much attention has been put on professional athletes when it comes to their views on all the political issue going on in the world and if they support the very visible and peacefull protest of NFL’s Colin Kaepernick. Some NBA teams decided to show their support during preseason games last night by locking arms during the National Anthem. Iguodala has been doing his part to better the communities we live in without drawing attention to himself but captured some of his verbal frustrations on how police aren’t held at a high enough standard.

“The police are definitely needed, but at the end of the day it’s just holding them accountable. You hold athletes accountable, right? Whatever we screw up, it’s headline news. How did this guy mess up? We’re almost looked at as God-like figures, like we shouldn’t screw up, when we’re actually human beings. They’re looked at as God-like figures as well, but when they do wrong, it’s almost like they didn’t do it. We’re held in the same ideology, but we’re held to different standards.”

This is good stuff right here. This biggest issue many of us have is that we don’t feel others are held accountable for their actions especially police.