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IG Model Doesn’t Understand the Hate After 100 Surgeries (Photos)


Kristyna Martelli has been the topic of much conversation on social media lately. Her body transformation and self-proclaimed ‘extreme plastic surgery hobby’ has made her the target of many online.

She seems to be taken the hate in stride. Here’s a message from her website that shows her openness about her lifestyle and appearance.

“As you all know, I just love to enhance my body to look even more plastic and extreme. I just absolutely love it, it’s not just a passion, it’s actually my hobby, my life! And you all ask a lot of how big are those, how big is that? So I wanted to just let you know all that. If you do want to know more, just come on and ask me, and I’ll add this to my biography.”

Here are a few more details from her Website:

My Stats:
Height: 5’6″ / 168cm
Weight: 125 lbs / 57kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Nationality: French / Italian
Birthday: May 15th 1993
Shoe size: 8-US
Current Boobs: 1800cc / Cupsize 32JJ
Lips: 12cc (permanent pmma)
Ass: Enhanced with Silicone injections (lost count on the volume, sorry!)
My Surgeries and Bodywork done so far:
17 years old: First boobjob (500cc)
18 years old: Second Boobjob (750cc), Juvederm lip injections (5x per year), Silicone ass injections
19 years old: Third Boobjob (1000cc), PMMA (Permanent) lip injections (5x per year), Fat transfer, Silicone ass injections
20 years old: Fourth Boobjob (1200cc), PMMA (Permanent) lip injections (5x per year or more), 2nd nosejob done in Canada, Silicone ass injections
21 years old: Fifth Boobjob, (1500cc, PMMA (Permanent) lip injections, Silicone ass injections
22 years old: Sixth Boobjob, (1800cc), PMMA (Permanent) lip injections, 3rd nosejob in Jordan, Silicone ass injections
It’s truly amazing to watch someone transform themselves over time but we must remeber that as long as she is happy and healthy there isn’t any reason to put her down for her choices.
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