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Prison Bae Camera Scott Speaks on If She’s a Scammer & Going Viral (Pics-Vids)


A new Prison Bae Camera Scott took social media by story today and everyone wanted to know who she was and what was her story after she was arrested for these two crimes.

The first arrest occurred in February outside of Ft Meyers Florida. Camera was charged with POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Driver’s License Or ID Card) and POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Credit Card Invoice Sales Draft Voucher Etc.).

Then, the 21-year-old beauty was arrested again a month later in Suwannee, FL. At the time, she was charged with LARCENY (Petit Theft 2nd Degree 1st Offense), POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Credit Cards Two Or More), POSSESS COUNTERFEITED (Credit Cards Two Or More), and FRAUD – Possess Similitude Id Card Possess Counterfeited – Credit Card Invoice Sales Draft Voucher Etc.

BSO reached out to Miss Scott and like with most of these situations everything wasn’t exactly how it appeared.

What exactly happened when you got picked up for these pretty minor

I can’t speak on that as of now.

How did you find out you were the new prison bae?

A high school friend of mine contacted me and told me that I was a prison bae.

What do you currently do?

I have a hair salon, I do hair and make up as well.

A lot of guys would like to know if you have a boyfriend?

At the moment not right now

Women want to know about the highlight on your nose, it was very
popular on social media today.

In order to know about my highlight on my nose you’re going to have to keep up with me on social media and I may do a tutorial if asked to do one on Snapchat.

How do you pronounce your name?

My name is Camera and it’s pronounced as it is spelt! I was named after Arthur Ashe daughter. Camera Ashe.

You can follow Prison Bae on Twitter @ChinaaLeea, Instagram: @iamchinaleea and SC: Iamchinaleea

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