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Details on Bobby Shmurda Getting an Additional 4 Years Tacked on Prison Sentence

Rapper Bobby Shmurda is now facing an additional 1.3 to 4 years behind the wall after being caught attempting to get a shank into prison during a visit from a woman.

Bossip has the exclusive details:

“The “Hot N***a” rapper Thursday pled guilty to one count of attempted promoting prison contraband – a nonviolent felony – telling Bronx Supreme Court Judge Marc Whitten that he did indeed try to bring a “sharp metal object” into New York’s Rikers Island jail in 2015 before cops caught him.

“Is it true that on that date…that you did, in fact, possess a white latex glove balloon wrapped in tape with a sharp metal object?” Judge Whitten asked.

“Attempted, yes sir,” Shmurda responded.

The plea was part of a deal to make most of the charges from the incident go away. Prosecutors said Shmurda’s gal pal, Kimberly Rousseau, passed him a “sharpened metal object” during a jail visit to Rikers Island in 2015. They then said he lied about the incident to the Grand Jury. Rousseau has since pled guilty to promoting prison contraband.”

Had Shmurda not chosen to take the deal and gone to trial, he could’ve been sentenced to 7 years JUST for the perjury charge…that’s not even considering the actual weapons charge.

He’s now eligible for parole in 2021. Let this be a lesson to those of you that hear these Rap lyrics and think you can go out and live them. Shmurda very well may not have actually committed ALL of the crimes he’s been charged with & convicted of; however, prosecutors had a fairly easy time painting him as the alleged leader of the entire GS9 street gang using in-part his lyrics to the song that really put him on the map, “Hot Ni**a”.

If you’re actually out here committing crimes and then rapping about it, don’t be surprised to see your lyrics staring at you & the jury being used against you.