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Tony Romo Expecting Release; Where will he play next?

Looks like Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are headed for splitsville. Not that we didn’t see this coming, it was more of how it was going to happen.

Dak Prescott had an amazing rookie year and there’s a bright future with him and Zeke in the backfield. As the Cowboys continued their impressive season with these rookies at the helm, talks of Romo’s future in Dallas got louder and louder. Romo knew himself the end was near which is why he’d rather ask for the release than be traded.

ESPN’s Ed Werner tweeted out the following

Tony Romo will be 37 years old with a ridiculous injury history and has 3 yrs, $54 million left on that contract. Not sexy trade bait at all.

With a release Romo can negotiate a deal with a team he actually wants to play for.

Now, what teams are out there for him to possibly play for?

One team that would be a nice fit are the Texans. They have an amazing defense and probably the most win now of all the teams that could use a qb. If they had a competent qb this year, they probably would’ve beaten the Patriots in the playoffs.

Denver is also another option despite them not being interested in a trade. Perhaps, negotiating a new deal would ease Elway because he doesn’t have to give anything up and it’ll be more or less on his terms.

With Romo expecting a release there will most likely be an agreement for teams he can’t play for….. *Washington*.

It looks bleak with the rest of teams that need a qb because they’re no where near the winning stages yet and time is ticking for Romo.

Romo believes he has a few years left, but father time will reveal the truth on that.