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Spike Lee on IG Saying It’s “Mad Fishy” NFL Teams Haven’t Even Visited With Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is nowhere near the NFL’s best passers at the moment, but even on a horrendous team, amidst a barrage of blowback for his stance on kneeling during the national anthem; Kaepernick still finished the year looking better than MANY backups & even some starters.

Yet; apparently, he can’t even get a phone call this offseason.

Such a performance usually gets free-agent QBs at least a look for a backup position somewhere in the league..a position that is never completely filled (backups regularly have horrible outings). But then again, such direct protesting in the name of Black & Brown people isn’t really all that usual.

Spike Lee, a longtime & staunch supporter of Kaepernick’s movement posted the following photo/caption to his IG page:

Spike raises some interesting questions. There are many teams in the Jets’ position of having no established starting QB, and even more that need a capable backup. What has Kaepernick protested that wasn’t true? Why do people seem so offended at a public figure using his voice & influence to raise awareness about things that concern him?

When you really get down to the bedrock of some of these questions, actions, & inactions of teams, combined with the anonymous general manager comments; it really forces one to think.

Seems like some in the NFL want the stars quo to remain and their players to shut the hell up, be grateful they aren’t poor, and play football. Signing a player that will immediately enrich your community and relate to those who might not be in a position to fill the stadium every Sunday seems like a great idea to me.

But then again, I am one that understands, supports, and recognizes the importance in what Kaepernick is trying to do. If people like him don’t raise awareness to help refugees, marginalized people, and those truly struggling; are we supposed to expect the Trump administration to make it a priority?

Thought so.