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Dez Bryant on IG on Black People Being The Reason They Are Unsuccessful, Not White People

Add Dez Bryant to the list of black people who believe black people are solely responsible for what happens to them in life.

Bryant made time on Sunday to write a four-page diatribe on his Instagram account on why the struggles of black people are our own fault. Who brought him to this state of self awareness? None other than Charles Barkley.

Here’s an excerpt of his musings:

“I’ve been racially profiled on numerous occasions but not once has it influenced an ill feeling inside about anyone outside of that issue. REAL SLAVERY is different from what’s going on in our world now now.. we all (every ethnicity) have the opportunity to lead by EXAMPLE.”

Bryant goes on to share a chance meeting with a person from his childhood who is selling drugs. Instead of engaging in a dialogue to try and understand why the friend started selling drugs he simply told him to “do better.”

Applying his logic to real life amounts to being okay with being profiled on numerous occasions based solely on the color of your skin but it’s not ok to shed light on why injustices like racial profiling occur. High-horsing your neighbor by telling them to “do better” without finding out why they aren’t doing better or better yet showing them HOW they can do better.

It’s exhausting to see another story from another black person who can extol what’s wrong with black people instead of putting into action what can be done to make things better.

Keep in the mind this is the same person who’s mother called 911 on him for assault and was sued when he trashed the home of a Texas Senator he was renting.

Glass houses people.

To see the Bryant’s musings in full, flip the pages.

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