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Man Who Claims He Was Beaten By Titans Players Over Draft Releases His Injury Photos

It’s never easy reporting that any athlete is being allegedly sued for injuring someone off the field, intentionally that is, but this looks disturbing and the details surrounding the incident are even worse.

Football fan, Dante Satterfield, is claiming that Tajae Sharpe and Sebastian Tretola of the Tennessee Titans, attacked him outside a bar in Nashville, TN and left him unconscious in an alley. The two recently drafted Titans are of course claiming that Satterfield is lying and just attempting to get money. Read the account below and make your assumptions,

He claims Sharpe lashed out at him after he poked fun at the fact the Titans had picked wide receiver Corey Davis in the first round. According to the lawsuit, Satterfield joked that the selection would give Sharpe, who plays the same position, less time on the field.

He claims that the 22-year-old beat him in the alleyway while 25-year-old Tretola stood guard. The pair then left him lying unconscious, he claimed. Satterfield says he was eventually found by a stranger who called 911 and he was taken to hospital.

It is not clear whether the men were friends or if they encountered one another randomly on the night in question.

Describing how Sharpe allegedly attacked him, his lawyer said: ‘This defendant, much bigger, taller and stronger than Plaintiff, beat Plaintiff with his fists and continued his assault even after Plaintiff was helpless and on the ground, striking and bruising him.’

There is no mention in the lawsuit of whether the incident was reported to police.

The photo above is heartbreaking and Im hoping this get resolved peacefully. This isnt the first incident of an athlete beating or even verbally abusing a fan because of taunting. Then again, fans need to learn to leave these men alone when they are in public. The game is just that… a game. Once those players are off the field… leave them alone.