How DL Hughley’s Wife LaDonna Paid His Mistress For Years After a Baby Conceived During the Affair Was Murdered By the Mistresses’ New Boyfriend (Video)

DL Hughley is revealing further details of multiple affairs he had during his 30-year message including one that resulted in a child and a heinous act that left the child dead.

Speaking to Vlad TV, Hughley reveals that he not only had a child during one of his affairs, he prayed for the burden a child be taken away and ultimately the child was taken away in the worst way possible, murder.

When Hughley’s son was 9 months old, the boyfriend of Hughley’s mistress murdered the child and was sent to prison. After the aftermath of the incident, Hughley’s wife began paying his mistress.

“Years later, the girl – it jammed her up too like it did me. She started asking for money. She needed some money. And I told her my wife would have to take care of it. Because I couldn’t.”

“So, she and my wife started talking and my wife started giving her money. The condition was that she could never ask me and my wife to take care of her, so my wife took it from my allowance that I’ve never gotten back.”

Hughley goes on to say that he isn’t sure if his wife is still paying his former Mistress and he won’t’ be asking.

To see the portion of Vlad TV’s exclusive interview with DL Hughley, flip the page.

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