Jeezy Releases ‘The Recession’ Album 10 Years Ago Today; How He Continued To Speak For The Streets And Political Climate Of 2008 – BlackSportsOnline
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Jeezy Releases ‘The Recession’ Album 10 Years Ago Today; How He Continued To Speak For The Streets And Political Climate Of 2008

10 years ago on this day, Jeezy released his third studio album, ‘The Recession.’ This project was headlined by the hit single ‘My President’ featuring Nas which honored Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Obama would make history that fall by winning the 2008 election. My President and The Recession album as a whole went on to be the anthem for the rest of that year.

The Recession contained 18 tracks with appearances by Nas, Trey Songz, Kanye West, Anthony Hamilton, and Lil Boosie. Production was handled by some of the best names in the south such as DJ Toomp, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Drumma Boy, Don Cannon, and long-time collaborator with Jeezy, Shawty Redd.

Jeezy set the tone for the plot of The Recession with the introduction record of the project with the song ‘The Recession.’ He discussed the economical recession that was plaguing America in 2008 on the hook  “It’s a recession, everybody broke. So I just came back to give everybody hope. Just looking out for my folk given the whole nine.” The song initially opened up with audio of a live newscast discussing forecasts for the upcoming recession, the economy slipping, and the government failing the people.

The first single of the album was ‘Put On‘ featuring Kanye West. Jeezy definitely coined the term “I put on for my city” for years to come come along with a memorable verse from Kanye West. It was evident that Ye was still recovering from the death of his mother Donda a year ago on the lines “I got the money and the fame, man, that don’t mean s*it. I got the Jesus on a chain, man, that don’t mean s*it. Cause when the Jesus pieces can’t bring me peace. Yo, I need just at least, uh, one of Russell’s nieces. I let my nightmares go.”

Crazy World was also one of the singles off the album and the title itself summarized America at the time and can still be applied in today’s political climate. The Recession was already on its way and George W. Bush had already seen great disapproval from many Americans. Jeezy addressed the turmoil at the time at the end of his opening everse of the record with “Got damn, another trap, I think Bush is tryna punish us. Sendin’ a little message out to each and everyone of us. Real G s*it, boy that’s really unheard of when you get more time for sellin’ dope than murder in this crazy world.”

The ironic part about the ‘My President‘ record with Nas was that it was released prior to Barack Obama’s historic presidential win. It goes to show how much faith Jeezy had in Obama and that he would be the man of the people and was evident in November’s win. The hook of the song paid tribute to Obama and Jeezy’s younger past with “My president is black, my Lambo’s blue. And I’ll be goddamned if my rims ain’t too. My mama ain’t at home and Daddy’s still in jail. Tryna make a plate, anybody seen the scale?” Nas also had a very underrated guest appearance and did his thing talking politics on the beginnig and end of his verse with “Yeah, our history, black history. No president ever did shit for me” and “Mr. Black President, yo, Obama for real. They gotta put your face on the 5,000 dollar bill.”

People remember Jeezy for mostly politics on The Recession but still stuck to the sound that put him on the map in 2005 with records on this project such as ‘Welcome Back.’ DJ Squeeky produced the record and would end up being one of the hottest producers in the south and in the future, a long-time collaborator with Young Dolph. Welcome Back let the people know he was officially back and taking over two years after his second studio album, ‘The Inspiration‘ was released with a banger on this hook with  “Guess who’s back and he’s shinin’ on you n*ggas. Guess who’s back and he’s stuntin’ on you h*oes. Yeah I’m back and I’m shinin’ on these n*ggas. Yeah I’m back and I’m stuntin’ on these h*es. Been on my grizzy, but now I’m back in the place And if you show me the money, I put this brick in ya face. And if you ain’t got my money, I’ll put this strap in ya face.”

Jeezy also made his own national anthem with the street banger ‘Amazin‘.’ Drumma Boy handled the production and Jeezy woke the streets up right away before his first verse with the lines “Can you please muthaf*ckin’ rise for the national muthaf*ckin’ trap star anthem.”

Hustlaz Ambition detailed Jeezy’s come-up in the streets before dominating music and the title of this record was coincidentally the name for his 2011 album ‘TM103: Hustlerz Ambition.’ The Snowman detailed his story from the jump in the first verse with “I come so far from the bottom couldn’t even see the top. Just as soon as a feel the drought, I’m whippin’ up every block. I’m a good God-fearing man with a criminal mind state. Ain’t nobody gave a s*it and that’s why we grind weight. My grandma off in the church while I’m in the refrigerator, In search of the baking soda right next to the mashed potatoes.”

The Recession will be regarded as one of Jeezy’s most underrated albums to date. Projects such as ‘Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101,’ ‘The Inspiration,’ ‘TM103: Hustlaz Ambition,’ and ‘Trap Or Die‘ get all of the respect but Jeezy’s ability to discuss his upbringing, people who are stuck in the streets, grinding, along with politics showed his versatility all while being able to stick to what he knows best on his records.