Ex-NFL & Neurosurgeon Myron Rolle Defends Himself on IG After Amanda Seales Says He Sexually Harassed Her Over The Phone (IG-Video)

Once again this is a very tricky situation especially when one Seales herself says she has no “empirical proof”.

The two things that Seales said that made her out Rolle was that he said some “troubling things” over the phone and once opened a door to his house naked when a woman arrived for a date.

She claims there were 8 women who came to her with stories that could have gotten him fired.

Seales never specifically states what Rolle did to her or what the other women said he did to them. Also, how does she know these women are telling the truth or even know Rolle?

Can a phone conversation gone wrong be sexual harassment?  Of course it can, but if we don’t know what he said, it is hard to say, because the context is everything.

I am not saying Seales is lying and it is obvious she had a bad experience with Rolle, but let’s just make sure we are putting whatever happening in proper terms. She only went halfway with her story, now that it is out there unless she tells the entire story of what happened to her and allegedly these other 8 women it really isn’t fair to Rolle.

How do you defend yourself against anonymous women just making random accusations?

Rolle is a former NFL player and Rhode Scholar who is practicing to be a neurosurgeon. He claims that Seales is trying to get back at him because he didn’t want to date her or be in a relationship with her.  If that is true she frankly should be arrested and/or sued for making false statements that could jeopardize his career.

If there is some proof Rolle is some sort of sexual predator like she describes the other women need to come forward.

Flip the page for her video explaining why she outed him and Rolle making his defense on IG.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline