Anthony Davis Leaks He Wants to Be Traded to One of These Two Teams After Pelicans Said They Would Look Any and All Offers; Twitter Reacts to News

Anthony Davis has his long term targets.

Today we got some news about Anthony Davis’ preferred destinations and they aren’t really surprising.

As you know, the Lakers tried hard to get Davis in the purple in gold. They failed, while leaving the locker room shattered due to the ongoing trade requests. A lot of people expected them to try again and we have complete confirmation of that now.

However, they still have LeBron James, which clearly interests Davis

The Knicks are an interesting case, but an intriguing one. The Knicks are stocked with cap room and a roster that desperately needs talent. Why would Davis consider them?

Easy, he has a good idea on who’s coming MSG and it could be a certain Golden State Warrior.

Or he could be the magnet that attracts other top talent, since David Griffin wants the deal done before the start of the NBA Draft in a little under 2 weeks.

Who knows though, but we do know is starting June 30th, Twitter will have millions of eyes glued to it.

NBA Free Agency, such a flawless bliss.

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